If you're an avid jigsaw puzzler, then this section is ideal for you!  Also a great section if you know a jigsaw lover and are looking for a different type of gift.

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Ravensburger - Puzzle ConserverRavensburger - Puzzle Conserver
Best Seller
Ravensburger - Puzzle Conserver
Ravensburger - Puzzle Conserver is a ready to use glue which is ideal for permanently conserving your jigsaw puzzles.  Once glued, jigsaw puzzles can be hung on the wall like pictures.    

Ravensburger - Puzzle Sort & GoRavensburger - Puzzle Sort & Go
Best Seller
Ravensburger - Puzzle Sort & Go
Puzzle Sort & Go Sorting Trays are 6 stackable trays for sorting and storing your puzzle pieces. Big enough to hold all the pieces from a 1000 piece puzzle, the blue puzzle-shaped trays can be linked or stacked, whichever you prefer.  These trays will last for years – so forget about using margarine tubs or the boxbase for storing your puzzle pieces - try these instead. 

Ravensburger - Puzzle Handy StorageRavensburger - Puzzle Handy Storage
Best Seller
Ravensburger - Puzzle Handy Storage
Puzzle Handy from Ravensburger is a foldaway puzzle board, suitable for assembling most 1000 and 500 piece jigsaws. Puzzle Handy is printed with a neutral non-glare background colour, and includes dotted guidelines showing the approximate finished sizes of Ravensburger 500 and 1000 piece puzzles (49 x 36cm and 70 x 50cm respectively). Use the guidelines to help you ensure your puzzle is centrally located on the board, which can be a great help with the jigsaw building process. When you've finished your puzzle and want to put the Puzzle Handy away, just remove the securing brackets, refold the board and pop it back into the storage box provided!